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Year 5 Showcase their Learning

Inspired by an earlier assembly on ambition, led by Richard Cheetham MBE, the pupils in Year 5 put together an ambitious performance to showcase their learning to parents via their year group assembly.  Linking the themes within the assembly was the idea that when things in life change, it is possible to find a way round them and move on. This was certainly tested in the moments before the performance when a computer update blocked the necessary video and music links, but everyone pulled together and carried on confidently without them.  With a story based around astronauts landing accidentally in a rainforest, the children were able to demonstrate their wealth of knowledge about subjects as diverse as star constellations, the structure of the rainforest, plant life cycles, bridge building, the impact of deforestation and the features of communities. Individual children were able to share their creative writing by reading poems about a journey into space and diary entries for a tribal child. Songs with contrasting moods, about the rainforest and a Viking attack, were also included, with everyone singing and some instrumental accompaniment. Performing in front of an audience gives children the opportunity to work collaboratively, with focus, and to develop confidence, whilst enjoying the feeling of pride as they achieve success after much practice and Year 5 certainly deserved praise for their excellent performance. However, the assembly finished on a bit of a cliffhanger - what would happen next? Perhaps we will all find out next term when Y5 perform again……



Published on 23/11/2017