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Whose Side are You On?

Over the last few weeks there has been a running theme across many curriculum subjects in Year 5. We have been looking at differing opinions and how there are alternative points of view in many situations. We began by looking at the familiar story of Jack and the beanstalk, but from the point of view of the giant, putting forward his views as to why Jack was the real ‘baddie’ of the story. In history the children worked in groups to think up questions to ask a Viking and a monk after the raids on British monasteries and everyone enjoyed acting out an interview with these characters, considering how they would answer in role.

In geography lessons we have looked at the lives of rainforest tribes and the impact of deforestation on their traditional lives. Considering alternative points of view is an important skill in empathising with others and developing greater tolerance of others – one of the Fundamental British Values. The children are now preparing to put their skills to use in a debate about whether or not deforestation of the rainforests should be allowed to continue. Some groups have been asked to use all their empathetic skills in arguing for the continuation, even though it may be against their initial thoughts on the matter. 



Published on 12/10/2017