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En français et/y en español

In Pre-Reception we were very excited about starting learning French. We are now able to introduce ourselves, count to 3 and are expert at singing le Fermier dans son Pré. In Reception we learnt how to say some fruit and insects. We can now say the name of both classes in French! In Year 1 we enjoyed learning parts of the body and singing Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes in French! We loved going shopping round the classroom too! In Year 2 we wrote a postcard about our holiday in French. We also filled in a passport about ourselves, our family and our likes and dislikes. In Year 3 we described our clothes in French. We worked on how to spell colours with masculine, feminine and plural nouns. The quiz on this was great fun! We have also practised how to order food in a restaurant. In Year 4 in French we learnt to talk about pocket money. We then looked at some recipes and started writing our own. In Spanish we talked about our favourite colour and our pets. We then learnt to describe the clothes we wear. We enjoyed singing the clothes song!


In Year 5 in French we talked about how to be more environmentally friendly. We learnt to talk about the types of films and television programmes we liked and disliked, in French and in Spanish! In Spanish we also practised how to talk about our pocket money and what we do with it. In Year 6 in French we revised how to order food in a French café or a restaurant before going to KES to experience a French café. We really enjoyed buying food and drinks, but we particularly liked the doughnut at the end! In Spanish we found out where Spanish was spoken in the world and presented one of the countries in Spanish. In the last few weeks we have also learnt a few basic German phrases. We can now say our name, ask how people are, count to 20 and say what our favourite colour is. 



Published on 11/07/2017