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Year 1 Enjoying Magic with Plants!

We have conducted an experiment to discover what the best conditions for growing plants is by growing cress seeds in different areas in our classrooms. We have enjoyed seeing their progress each day and recording our observations in our cress diaries.
Excitingly, we have also been left a magic box by the bean seller from Jack and the Beanstalk. Among the exciting objects in the box including a magic cape and some gold coins, we were also sent some bean seeds and magic water. The children have been very excited to watch their bean seeds grow - we are wondering if they will eventually be tall enough that we can climb a beanstalk of our own!
The children have been applying everything they have learnt about how plants grow during their English lessons writing non-chronological reports. Their work has been wonderfully written and they have applied lots of non-fiction writing techniques that they have learnt over the year.
Maths has been good fun as Year 1 have been learning about capacity. We have received some recipes to make magic potions and the children had a wonderful time measuring out the different gruesome ingredients to make their potions for invisibility and super strength!
Published on 28/06/2017