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Year 4 Trip to Microsoft

On Wednesday 14th June, we arrived at the Microsoft HQ in Reading and then we had badges put on us by the Microsoft staff. I felt thrilled to be inside the Microsoft office. After the badges, we then made our way to a room full of laptops. We were introduced to Mrs Evans, who is Blake and Lily’s mum. After the introduction, we did some micro-coding. The task was to program a snowflake, which will appear on a chip that was attached to the laptop (a Micro:bit). This was a lot of fun because this was a new experience for all of us.

After the first task, we did some more micro-coding, but this time we had to make a rock, paper, scissors game. To make this game we programed the rock, paper and scissors to appear on the chip. After we had done the programing, we played the rock, paper, scissors game with the person sitting next to us. We played it by shaking the chip and checking what appeared on the chip. It would either be rock, paper or scissors.

After that, we stayed in the same room, and we were so excited to do ‘Hour of Code’ Minecraft coding. There were 12 levels you had to complete. You had to program the figures to do certain things to complete each level, like shear sheep and get a creeper to explode a wall. When you had completed all the levels, the Microsoft staff printed out your certificate. It was a fun experience doing all the coding, and I found some levels easier than the others to complete.

Afterwards we were so excited because we climbed some stairs and at the top of those stairs, there was a room. In that room, there was a Minecraft model tree and X-boxes and this was the room where we had lunch but before we had lunch, we were divided up into groups. These groups were to decide who would play on the X-boxes as we finished lunch. After the turn on the X-boxes, you could do 3D Paint, which was very cool.


After having our lunch, we went back to the same room we did our coding in. We played around with PowerPoint. We did lots of copying and pasting, making things bigger and smaller by highlighting the text and expanding it. We also included animations in the PowerPoints and made things float in.

I was sad because we had come to the end of our day at Microsoft, but I had really enjoyed my day.

The Microsoft staff were very friendly which made me feel welcome.



Published on 28/06/2017