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Reading with Year 1

We know that reading is important, but becoming a lifetime reader is based on developing a deep love of reading. To help our children maintain a positive attitude to reading we have set up this partnership with Year 1, which will help keep this positive attitude, and encourage and support those children of a younger age.
Here is what some of the Year 5 children have to say about the experience:
“It is nice listen to their opinions about the books I read to them” (Rhyseren)
“I like seeing the different books that they choose” (Natasha)
“They are always interested” (Thomas)
“It is a lot of fun and we laugh a lot about the stories we read“ (Madison)
“It has helped me to be more interested in reading by reading lots of different books” (Seb)
“It makes me more confident with reading” (Aman)
“I enjoy reading in front of an audience” (Simran)
Published on 27/06/2017