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Eggs-ellent learning in Year 2!

On Monday 12th June, the children in Year 2 were very excited about the arrival of the ‘Living Eggs’, as part of life cycles in our science lessons. Twelve small, brown eggs arrived at lunchtime and were placed into the incubator to keep warm in 2C’s classroom. Lawrence, from Living Eggs, explained to the children when the eggs should start to hatch and how to look after them properly. The children have already learnt that the bottom of the incubator needs a tray of warm water so that there is moisture in the air. The children have also learnt how to tell if a chick is a boy or a girl. The boy chicks are a white/yellow colour and the children are yellow/brown. The children are also keeping a diary. Each day the children will observe the changes and record what’s happened.

Poppy - “I am excited for the chicks to hatch because I like baby animals”




Published on 15/06/2017