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Year 5 Egg Drop Investigation

We all had a cracking time in Year 5 with our ‘egg drop’ investigation! 
The purpose of our learning was to understand how friction and air resistance affect an object’s movement. We discussed everyday examples of the forces in action, and thought about questions such as: when are these forces useful and when would they be a hindrance?
The eggstra special challenge was to design and make a parachute and capsule/structure, which will protect and hold an egg ‘astronaut’ safely to the ground.
We were delighted with the effort the children put into making their egg drops with a huge variety of designs ranging from capsule like structures to even a teapot shaped basket!
After a healthy competition between the two classes (5M and 5G) we recorded the very eggciting results:
William and Sonny - 3 seconds
Orla, Ryhseren, Simran and Ioanna - 2.5 seconds
Ammar, Devansh, Aman, Thomas - 2 seconds 
Semi, Thomas - 1.5 seconds
Madison, Autumn, Charlotte, Seb  - 1 second  
Eva, Taran - 0.8 seconds
Findlay 2.68 seconds
Avantika 2.66   seconds
Fatima 2.56  seconds
Zayd 2.0 seconds
Charlie 1.94 seconds
Archie 1.94   seconds 
Teagan 1.81  seconds
Tilly 1.74  seconds
Freddie 1.52  seconds
Ethan 1.16 seconds
Kabir 1.13  seconds
Emily EH 1.13  seconds
Emily K 1.01  seconds
Freya 1.30   seconds
Brad 1.19   seconds
Tessa 1.00  seconds 
Jack 0.99  seconds
Ellie 0.68   seconds
Jacob 0.60  seconds
Anaaya 0.89 seconds
A few of the eggs became fried in the heat and one or two became scrambled; however, the majority remained eggtact – well done Year 5 you are all good eggs.
Published on 25/05/2017