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Year 1 In Space!

Year 1have had a very exciting and busy few weeks as we have blasted off into the stars!
The children have enjoyed creating space art using a range of media. While they were learning about Neil Armstrong’s incredible mission to the moon, they designed and made their own 3D rocket sculptures and also created their own space art using paint programmes on the iPads.
All of the Year 1 children have all worked as journalists to research and write newspaper report about the first moon landing. The children even interviewed some witnesses who watched the historical moment and used their quotes in the newspaper articles!
Last week something very strange happened in Year 1 ………………………… aliens landed!!
All of the children have designed their own alien and have made alien hats so that they can take on their alien’s character for a series of alien adventures! All aliens have been issued with an alien diary and have been recording their adventures using lots of descriptive language! So far, they have met some strange beings…..humans! They have also been on an adventure in their space ships and avoided a dangerous black hole in space! In addition to their alien hats, the children are now creating a sculpture of their aliens using a range of art resources.
Year 1 are looking forward to an exciting trip to watch the space themed play, “The First Hippo on the Moon” at the Theatre Royal next week. We are also excited to learn more about life in space for astronauts such as Tim Peake and will be taking on our own astronaut training programme to see what life in space really entails! 
Published on 18/05/2017