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Reception Doubling, Halving and Laws

The children have been learning about doubling and halving this week. They have had to use their problem solving skills to complete a variety of activities. The children have access to any of the resources in the classroom to allow them to choose the method that best suits their learning style. The children were even able to identify a pattern linked to counting in 2s with the numbers that they were able to halve and those they could not!


The Reception children have also been learning about Democracy and how laws are made in Britain. They watched video clips that explained the Democratic system and then had a discussion as a year group. They learnt about the Government and their role in British law making.  The children discussed current laws, such as wearing a seatbelt and going to school and how these laws are important to them. This led into a further discussion about rights and responsibilities.


Published on 18/05/2017