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Year 5 Problem Solving and Debating

In maths, the children in Year 5 have been learning about how to apply their understanding of multiples and factors to solving problems. They have learnt how to solve two digit by two digit multiplication problems and then how to apply this understanding to solving word problems. The children then used the computers to carry out an open ended task about multiples and factors. They were given a 100 square and their challenge was to create the longest sequence of numbers. The number must be a factor or multiple of the first number. The children need to think strategically by thinking of numbers in terms of their factors, utilising primes and squares to develop winning moves. The children really enjoyed this task and now have the target of 45 to beat.


In English we have been looking at argument and debate as part of our English unit and we have learnt about the different features required to give an argument maximum impact. For homework, the children had to write an argument either for or against homework in Primary Schools. After watching a clip about debating in the House of Commons, we rearranged the room ready for our debate. In 5M Jacob took the role of speaker of the house and did an excellent job keeping everyone in order. Everyone took their turn to present their argument or counter argument. At the end, by a very small majority, the children voted that homework should not be given in Primary Schools. It really was Democracy at its best! I hope that you enjoy watching our debate!


Published on 16/05/2017