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Year 6 Mystery Reports and Peppered Moths

Year 6 have been busy in English writing newspaper articles about a strange event at Sherborne House School! Dr Brown from Marwell Zoo (Mrs Domone in starring role) held a news conference in which she informed the ‘press’ that animal footprints had been discovered leading to the Cedar buildings and the Studio after neighbours in Lakewood Road had reported hearing howling sounds coming from the school. Dr Brown also took questions from the reporters who took notes throughout the news conference. The class discussed possible quotes which could be included in the articles and the various features and type of language which should be used. The learning objectives in this type of writing are for the children to know the features of newspaper reports, the difference between informal and formal language, and how to take effective notes.


In PSHE and Citizenship, the children have been discussing the transition to secondary school and the changes that this will bring. They have shared any worries they may have and discussed various scenarios to help them find strategies to deal with any problems. 

In science, the children completed their mini-dramas on the peppered moth sharing these with the rest of the class with the use of various ‘props’ retell the story. Year 6 have also created either mini-books or storyboards on the evolution of the Galápagos tortoise detailing the different types and the possible reasons for their development. They looked at the shapes of the shells (domes, intermediate and saddle) and the length of the necks. The aim of this work was for the children to appreciate the evolution of a species and the different forms that this may take.



Published on 17/05/2017