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The Latest Work from Year 6

In Year 6 the children have started a unit of work on journalistic writing in their English lessons. They have looked at newspaper articles to find the different features and at texts to see how layout devices enable a piece of writing to appeal to the reader. They recorded this information in a poster, choosing a text on dogs to study.
In science, they have developed their understanding of natural selection through the story of the peppered moth. This has been a cross curricular topic as in their science lessons, they created mini-dramas which they will be completing and sharing with each other next week.
In history, the ancient civilisation of the Mayas has been the topic. The children have carried out research and thought of questions they would like answered about this period of history. They have found some ‘unusual’ facts, for example the Maya thought that cross eyes and large noses were beautiful! Some fantastic masks were constructed which were very colourful and attractive. Well done to Erin for even making a cake in the shape of a Mayan mask!!
Published on 04/05/2017