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Year 6 Assembly

On the final morning of the Spring Term, the Year Six children performed their assembly both to their parents, and afterwards, to the whole school. At the start of March, the children had decided which groups they wanted work within, and which aspect of the Evacuation process they wished to study.  Once they had made their decision, they researched key pieces of information relevant to their aspect of the evacuation.  Each class looked at three different points, hearing the news about the evacuation, the journey to the countryside and life with their new family.  Armed with all the necessary information each group used their English lessons to begin to draft their own playscripts. The children looked at how to include intonation and stage directions within each part of the script, and then discussed how these would affect their own performance on stage.  Despite a relative lack of rehearsal time on stage, due to the many other productions and events this term, the Year Six children performed with confidence and enjoyment, communicating extremely effectively, the difficult decisions and heartbreak of war.  Excellent costumes, effective props and very professional acting all combined to create a wonderful performance – which the year group singing of ‘We’ll meet again’ brought to a conclusion, with many a lump in the throat!

Published on 31/03/2017