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Year 4 Assembly

We thought you would like to read what some of the children thought about doing their Roman assembly.  Thank you all for helping the children learn their lines and for helping with the costumes – they looked, and sounded, fantastic!


Our assembly was brilliant and so much fun because everyone played their parts amazingly.  We also learnt so many new facts.  When I was sitting on my chair, it was really interesting to watch all the children remember their lines and enjoying themselves.  It was very nerve-wracking but when I did my part, it felt so good.  I think we could have improved our song because some of the words were not very clear.  Everyone had outstanding costumes.  The whole year group worked really hard to learn all their lines.


At first I was pretty scared walking in, but when I was sitting on the bench watching people doing their lines it was quite entertaining to watch, and enjoyable, so I thought I would do what they were doing like speak with a loud, clear voice.


I liked being the Celt.  I felt delighted to be one like having face paints as woad.  I like longer and longer lines but I need to learn them.


I think our play was awesome!


I really liked being in the assembly but I was a bit nervous when singing the song.  It was the best one I’ve ever done.


I liked the part with Edna and Ethel because it was very dramatic.


I felt proud after I had done my lines.  I was a tiny bit nervous before we started but when we did start, I felt fine.  I also think that the teachers were very helpful and we should thank them.


I loved our Roman assembly because we only had a little time but we pushed ourselves to the limit.  All of the costumes were amazing and Lucy really closed the Assembly with a bang!


When I was in the performance, I felt a bit shy, mostly when I was reading my scroll but I still liked performing.  I learnt a lot listening to people singing and speaking.


I really enjoyed the part when I was talking and singing.  I really enjoyed the Celts and the Romans, that was fun to watch.


I was a Roman schoolchild. I liked my part because I got to perform and watch other people say their lines.  I thought we were good at learning our lines.  I thought we had to work on the song to make it clearer.


I loved the assembly even though it was scary to do it to the school as well as the parents.


Everything was good about it, especially the ‘Star Wars’ introduction and I found it very funny.  I think the Celts looked brilliant with the woad and checked trousers.


Our assembly talked about everything we have done in our lessons like the Romans and Faisel mentioned the water cycle.

Published on 21/03/2017