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Year 5 Visit to The Gregg

The children of 5M have been eagerly anticipating their visit to the Gregg School all week. Finally, the day itself arrived and we set off on our journey with great excitement.

Once at The Gregg School the children were shown to a ‘proper’ science laboratory, which fascinated them. After a (very) serious health and safety talk, the children took part in some fun and interesting investigations. The aim was to learn about the mystery of the elements.

The children learned that hydrogen is the simplest element in the universe. It is normally a gas but it is not often found naturally, so they were allowed to make it!

We discussed that carbon is found in coal, oil and gas; however, the children were enthralled to discover that carbon actually makes up us humans too!

Other investigations included the ‘gas of life’ and ‘rocket fuel’.

Thank you to all the Gregg school staff for making this visit so worthwhile and memorable – we had a great time! 



Published on 16/02/2017