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Year 5 Assembly

We have had a busy start to the year, so we decided to showcase some of the work that the children have completed so far in our Year Five assembly.

The children shared some interesting facts about Greece and put on a super Greek dance for their parents to enjoy. We would like to extend a large thank you to Mrs Skiada for her input and time in teaching the children the special dance.

On a more serious note, the children shared some of their PSHE & C activities. One such activity was when they thought about the meaning behind the words in the poem ‘Truth’ by Barrie Wade. This led to the children devising thought provoking drama sketches when they considered whether verbal bullying can hurts as much as physical bullying. One of the sketches, which the children had devised themselves was shared with our appreciative audience.

In English, we have studied many aspects of Arthurian legends; one of which is ‘The Sword In The Stone’. The children did a magnificent job of acting out this story. The play was then followed by three of our children reading stories they had written themselves and using some of the successful story telling success criteria they had identified.

Our special assembly concluded with a fun song from Horrible Histories based on the Normans which the children love to sing!

All agreed afterwards that the children have worked incredibly hard and put of a great show. Well done Year Five! 

Published on 16/02/2017