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Hooke Court Trip

All the children in Year 4 enjoyed a three-day residential visit to Hooke Court in Dorset. The focus of the trip was to support the history curriculum and the children spent the first two days learning all about Roman technology, life as a Roman soldier, Roman crafts, cookery and writing. They made onegars (Roman catapults) and enjoyed testing them out by firing at Mr Benitez, then attempted to construct aqueducts that would successfully transport water up a slope. They practised the skills and exercises needed for a soldier in training and learnt to march and fight, Roman-style, even accepting the punishment of decimation bravely when shame had been brought on the army through losing their signa during a battle with the barbarous teacher-Celts! They were brave enough to try the sort of food that soldiers would have made and eaten during their march and learnt the importance of pottery and weaving for a soldier to make and maintain his kit. Having escaped the worst of the weather on Wednesday and Thursday, Friday dawned wet and windy but there was still enthusiasm for the final, team-building activity which was (rather appropriately) shelter building in the woods. It was fantastic to see the confidence and maturity with which the children handled their first school residential visit.  Thank you to Mrs Gallon, Mrs McGlead and Mr Benitez for their help and support during our stay. See all the photos in our photo gallery...


Published on 03/02/2017