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Reception Nativity

The Reception children deserve to be very proud of themselves after their fantastic Nativity performance of ‘The Landlord’s Cat’.  The play was based around an inn at the edge of Bethlehem where the Landlord’s Cat is particularly unimpressed by the hustle and bustle surrounding him as people arrive wanting a place to stay for the night.   The Landlord’s Cat is on the verge of leaving home when a young man and his pregnant wife come to stay in the stable overnight and a whole host of unexpected guests come to visit.  The cat tells everyone about the miracle that is about to happen.  The children performed the production to all the children at Sherborne School and then their parents.  At both performances they remembered all their lines and spoke clearly and loudly so everyone could hear them.  All the children joined in with the songs, remembering actions as well as the words to the songs.

We are very pleased at how hard the children worked and concentrated during rehearsals – all their efforts certainly paid off!  Thank you to all the parents, grandparents and other family members who helped with costumes, learning lines and came to watch the performance.

Published on 08/12/2016