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Year 1 Assembly

Thank you to all the parents and family members who came to watch our fantastic Year 1 assembly. The children worked incredibly hard rehearsing their parts and we are very grateful to parents for the support you gave them learning their lines at home. The children put on a wonderful performance, all set in a Victorian classroom. They took their audience on a journey through an arithmetic lesson, an English lesson in which they told the audience the story of Peter Pan. They also learnt about current affairs and acted in great detail the heroic story of Grace Darling. Finally, the children helped Grace by testing some materials to discover which would float and sink, advising her on the best material to build a boat from. We also saw Victorian children at play and the audience were taught more about the difference between rich and poor children's toys. We were also treated to a lovely song called Play times Past, all about Victorian toys and a beautiful dance to "You can fly" from the Peter Pan film. Mrs James and Miss Blakey are both very proud of the children for all their hard work. 

Published on 24/11/2016