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IBM Hursley – XploreIT

An excited group of 6 Year Five children went to IBM in Hursley to take part in the XploreIT Activity Day. There were 10 groups of Year Five children participating in the competition. After an introductory talk, the children set off for their first activity, ‘Use the Force’. The children enjoyed using the “force” to control a computer game. They used their hands above a device called a ‘Leap Motion’ to control a computer game. When they moved their hands up and down, it controlled the direction in which the game moved.  Ellie, Charlie and Taran were the experts and took it in turns to participate in a competition against another school team. The next exciting activity was called ‘Kinect Run’. This involved the children standing in front of a camera and them using their own bodies to control an aeroplane flying through space on a race track. They had to ensure they didn’t run out of fuel and had to try and avoid the walls. Lottie scored a high score of 2183! ‘Top Trumps’ was another activity which involved the children playing against the computer. Firstly, they named their own robot – Sherbot. They had to train their robot to choose the correct answers on the Top Trump cards. The more training Sherbot had, the more chance it had of winning against the other school team. After a very intense battle between the robots, we drew 21-21. After lunch, the next activity was called ‘Safecrack’. The children worked in pairs to reconnect a circuit to make a card reader work. Once it was connected, they scanned the cards to get a pass code. Once all 6 passcodes were discovered, they children had to use a code wheel to find out the passcode number to access the safe. Our team were super speedy at this and were quick to crack the code and open the safe to find a chocolate coin for each of them! Robocode was an activity that the children found challenging but enjoyable. Using code, the children had to programme a robot to do a series of actions. They had to think carefully about the direction of turn and when they wanted to fire at their opponent. The children then tested their robots in a virtual robot battle! The last activity in which the children participated was the ‘Eggdrop’. They had to split into 2 teams and make an egg capsule so that the egg inside it didn’t break when it was dropped from different heights and when it had a variety of weights on top of it. The greater the weight and the higher the drop, the more you scored! Finally, all the school teams gathered to find out the results of the day. It was a very tense moment and Sherborne House were delighted to be placed in second place! A big WELL DONE to our team of children!

Simran - “I enjoyed playing on the X-box Kinect”
Findlay - “I have a better understanding of how to code machines”
Lottie - “I learnt how to move a robot with my hands in the air”
Ellie - “I  learnt that games in ICT is important for our daily life”
Charlie - “I learnt that teamwork is the key”
Taran - “I have a better understanding of how ICT works”

Published on 03/10/2016