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Head Teacher’s Special Award Autumn 2016

Each Friday, the Form Tutors in consultation with all staff, will be sending one pupil from their class (Reception to Year 6) to Mrs Hopson-Hill to receive a Head Teacher’s Special Award.  This will be in recognition of the child’s particular effort at school in some way, perhaps work-related, but also including areas such as service to others, being kind, polite or supportive, being an ambassador for the school - or in any other way in which that particular child has been a superstar that week!  Of course we hope that you will read the Friday Note, but so that you do not miss your child’s week, Mrs Szasz will also send you a text to inform you that your child has been chosen.  We will keep the reason why as a surprise, as we want the children to be the first to tell you all about their award! 

2nd December


RL – Bella H

RP Fleur R


Year 1

1B – Oscar B

1J – Ava J


Year 2

2C – Yusef S

2P – Joshua D


Year 3

3B – Elle S

3CR – Charlie H

3S – Maya F

Year 4

4B – Shravan A

4E – Henry M


Year 5

5G – Thomas F

5M Freddie B


Year 6

6B – Holly M

6D – Isabel S



25th November


Tanisha R - RL

Matthew D - RP


Year 1

Javier B - 1B

Henry dCS - 1J


Year 2

Farah GC - 2C

Tabitha P - 2P


Year 3

Andrew W - 3B

Charlie N - 3CR

Shreya K - 3S

Year 4

Blake - 4B

Emilia H - 4E


Year 5

Sonny S - 5G

Jacob P - 5M 


Year 6

Max S - 6B

Libby B - 6D



18th November


RL Nathan H

RP Florence P


Year 1

1B James B

1J Harry F


Year 2

2C Juliette S

2P Zac B


Year 3

3B Anaiya K

3CR Maahum R

3S Sophie B

Year 4

4B Alice J

4E Tamsin S


Year 5

5G Thomas M

5M  Fatima Z


Year 6

6B Emily P

6D Sophie L



11th November


RL Adishri B

RP Malaika R


Year 1

1B Noah B

1J Naomi A


Year 2

2C Ruby T

2P Kaavya A


Year 3

3B Lola S

3CR Krishnu K

3S Priya S

Year 4

4B Loella V

4E Mandy G


Year 5

5G Natasha B

5M  Zayd O


Year 6

6B Isabella E

6D Sienna M



4th November


RL Harnam M

RP Benjamin S


Year 1

1B Ryan S

1J Alice E-G


Year 2

2C Bella S

2P Fred W


Year 3

3B Honor C

3CR Eleanor M

3S Krish G

Year 4

4B Manraj K

4E William G


Year 5

5G William H

5M  Avantika U


Year 6

6B Euan H

6D William P



21st October


RL Joseph N

RP Austin C


Year 1

1B Thaleia S

1J Max F-E


Year 2

2C Henry M

2P Saachi P


Year 3

3B Zaki A

3CR Katherine T

3S Avani A

Year 4

4B Blake E

4E George U


Year 5

5G Aman P

5M  Emily E-H


Year 6

6B Jessica LB

6D Connie C



14th October


Kaiyan T RL

Imogen A RP


Year 1

Ella L 1B

Fintan F-B IJ


Year 2

Poppy F 2C

Charles C 2P


Year 3

Riyan S 3B

Mishka B 3CR

Fraser R 3S

Year 4

Joseph S 4B

Amber M 4E


Year 5

Ioanna S 5G

Ethan D 5M


Year 6

Charley L 6B

Ruby Rose D 6D



7th October


Jasmine G RL

Mayo B RP


Year 1

Zoha O 1B

Xander TY 1J


Year 2

Adam K 2C

Ava R 2P


Year 3

Roxanna S 3B

Jessica P 3CR

Ammar A 3S

Year 4

Alfie B 4B

Edward C 4E


Year 5

Rhyseren T 5G

Tessa A 5M


Year 6

Harshita S 6B

Gaia M 6D



30th September


Harry B RL

Noah K RP


Year 1

Thomas F 1B

Isobel R 1J


Year 2

Tameem A 2C

Harry L 2P


Year 3

Holly H 3B

Henry H 3CR

Tom K 3S

Year 4

Isabella LB 4B

Oscar B 4E


Year 5

Charlie L 5G

Findlay R 5M


Year 6

Aayan R 6B

Georgia S 6D



23rd September


Philip K RL

Dilan S RP


Year 1

Molly A 1B

Beatrice H 1J


Year 2

Anghad Rai 2C

Alba K 2P


Year 3

Hannah K 3B

Annika R 3CR

Helena R 3S

Year 4

Anu B 4B

Evie D 4E


Year 5

Ammar H 5G

Teagan M 5M


Year 6

Billy B 6B

Saul 6D



Published on 02/12/2016