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Year 3 Visit to Butser Ancient Farm

We set off from School with a blue sky and the promise of sunshine with our very excited pupils.

When we arrived at Butser Ancient Farm we were shown into an Iron Age round house with a real fire pit, which was lit for an informative talk on what it would have been like to live in the Iron Age.

We learned how Iron Age Man constructed their homes, how they made their clothes, the animals they kept and what they ate.

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Our first activity of the day was to make Clunch. We did this by crushing small pieces of chalk with a wooden mallet made from holly wood, which we them mixed with handfuls of soil and a small amount of dry grass before mixing it all together with a small amount of water. The kneading of this mixture with our hands proved to be very popular! Our clunch was then pushed in between wooden sticks to construct part of a wattle and clunch wall. After this we were all keen to try our hand at some archaeology. Using trowels we were shown how to scrape the earth rather than dig, to reveal a fascinating collection of finds including animal bones, clay pottery and fragments of metal objects. It was great fun trying to decide what each find was and more importantly how old it might have been.

Before our afternoon activities began we all enjoyed a fabulous picnic in the warm sunshine, surrounded by rolling hills and beautiful countryside.

Then we embarked on a real challenge, spinning wool. After being given some sheep wool we were shown how to spin this carefully into yarn by twisting and turning. By working in pairs we were able to spin enough yarn to create friendship bracelets for us all to bring home.

Our last activity was chalk carving. We were shown how to do this using small flints and a squared piece of chalk, which was rubbed beforehand with a dock leaf of similar to make it green. When the chalk was carved through the green the white chalk pattern was clearly seen. The children created some amazing designs, featuring fish, the sun, the moon, stars and flowers.

Once again it was a pleasure to take our Year 3 children on this learning experience and we were delighted when members of the public commented on how well our children behaved and showed such an interest in all the activities.


Published on 22/06/2016