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Winners at Science and Technology Festival

Children from Sherborne House were invited to attend two events at King Edwards.

On Monday, year 6 watched the Light Express Show run by the University of Southampton. The show featured a dazzling laser light display created by powerful lasers not generally seen outside research labs and contained a series of fascinating visual demonstrations exploring the physics of light. The children learnt what makes lasers special and why they are useful.  Interesting facts were shared with the audience such as lasers can travel long distances including taking measurements by bouncing off a mirror on the moon. The spectacular demonstrations included a laser lighting a match and busting balloons. The importance of lasers in medicine was discussed with their use in the removal of tattoos and birth marks and how they aid eye operations as they can work on a very small scale. The afternoon was thoroughly enjoyed by the children with much discussion back in class.

Four children, two from year 5 and two from year 6 had entered a competition called ‘The Big Question’, the aim of which was to inspire children to engage in science in a creative and practical manner. Children had to think of their own question from a range of topics and to find the answer themselves using the techniques they had learned in science and carried out at school, at home and online. The question our team investigated was ‘Which household liquid gives the greatest magnification?’ and Alex M, William H, Aayan and Max enthusiastically started their research and practical work and submitted a presentation for judging. About ten days ago, they heard that they had been chosen to attend the final so on Tuesday, the team went to King Edwards to talk through their presentation with the judges.

We are pleased to announce that the team from Sherborne House won ‘The Big Question’ competition and were awarded the trophy. Congratulations to Alex, William, Aayan and Max for all their hard work.

Published on 20/06/2016