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Year 6 Visit to The Imperial War Museum

On Tuesday, Year 6 visited The Imperial War Museum in London to link with their spring history topic of the Second World War. They enjoyed looking at the various galleries which contained information on conflicts as well as the armoury and vehicles of war. One highlight of the day in the ‘Family at Wartime’ section, was when the children were able to go into an Anderson shelter and appreciate what it would have been like; they could hear the air raid siren and waited to hear the all clear. They were able to meet and talk to an actual evacuee, Mr Brian Bass; the children asked sensible questions and it was interesting to hear his experiences. We also visited the First World War gallery where the children could experience interactive activities; try on helmets and uniforms, measure themselves to see if they could have joined the army and enter a ‘trench’ to imagine how the soldiers would have felt. The children gained much from the day and added to their knowledge of the times.

Published on 14/06/2016