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Year 5 Rocket Scientists (with update!)

19/4/16 - We were very excited to receive our Rocket Science pack on the first day of term, containing two sets of seeds, one of which that has been in space with Tim Peake. The children in Year 5 are taking part in a national experiment, run by the Royal Horticultural Society, to determine if the lack of gravity the seeds have experienced in space will have any noticeable effect on the seeds’ growth. Year 5 planted the seeds on the first day of term and now have to follow the given instructions carefully to ensure that the test is carried out fairly across all the participating schools. They will watch and record the growth of both sets of seeds over the next five weeks. The children’s hypothesis is that the space seeds will not grow as well as the ones that remained on Earth, based on their knowledge that astronauts suffer body wasting after months in space, and a theory that the seeds will not be able to grow upwards against gravity on Earth, as they had experienced a lack of gravity in space.

23/05/16 - This week our Rocket Science experiment has come to an end. Over the course of the last 5 weeks, the children in Y5 have measured and recorded a variety of data, including the number of days taken for the first seeds to germinate, the average number of leaves on the plants, the height of the plants and the percentage that have survived until day 35. We will be submitting our data to the Royal Horticultural Society and hope that they will give us some feedback on results from across the country. The children thought initially that the seeds from the blue packet had been into space and thought that they would not grow as well as the red seeds. We have discussed how we could measure ‘good’ growth and know that there are lots of factors to consider and that it would be hard to compare different features e.g. a tall plant with 5 large leaves and a shorter plant with 9 smaller leaves. We hope that the RHS will eventually let us know which of the seeds were the ones to go up into space with Tim Peake. 

Published on 19/04/2016