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Young Enterprise Day

Y6 enjoyed a day learning about the world of business with members of Nat West bank team including Branch Managers & a Business Manager. The topic was introduced by Martin showing a variety of hats, clothing and different food to try and determine from where it was produced. Then, in their groups, the children were given a menu and had to find the country of origin, the distance from the UK and how far the food had travelled, for example how our Chinese stir fries or roast dinners arrive on our tables. Discussions then took place on imports and exports and supply and demand. Following on, the children enjoyed completing jigsaws of different countries, all of which had a piece missing. The idea was to trade with the other countries after discovering what the particular country imported or exported. After a short break Yr6 reconvened in their ‘country groups’ to play a trading game, the objective being to make the most money! Different resources were used with lots of trading and borrowing taking place and the share prices of their shapes continually changing during the activity. A lot was learnt about countries lending to each other, team work and supply and demand. There was a question and answer session with the children asking sensible questions, including ‘what size was the safe in the bank and have you ever been robbed?!’ The days’ activities were rounded off with poster making and presentations delivered on various products.  All of the children enjoyed a very different school day!

Published on 11/02/2016