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Year 3 Update

This week, Year 3 visited Waitrose in Chandler’s Ford as part of Business Week, to learn how a large supermarket meets the needs of its customers. We embarked on a journey, which took us from distribution warehouses to delivery at the store, maintaining stock levels, internet shopping and additional services such as special orders for cakes, through to displays on the shop floor. Pupils were shown how computer systems are used to monitor stock levels in the store, and maintain correct temperatures in all the chilling and freezer storage units and shop floor, including monitoring the journey of its distribution lorries to and from the supermarket. The children also saw at first-hand how different types of food were stored. Some dry goods were stacked on shelving and in open portable crates, whilst dairy and meat products required chilling and freezer storage. Walking into these units proved very popular with the children! Standing in the unloading bays allowed the children to understand what happens when a delivery lorry arrives at the store, and how stock is unloaded within a set time-frame. We also found out that every item is measured so that it fits exactly onto the display shelves in the store!

The children were fascinated to hear how recycling is a very important factor in the overall management of the store. Waitrose also supports a variety of local charities, by allowing their customers to choose which charity they want to support, by being given a token at the checkout which they then donate to a featured charity in store.

On the shop floor, pupils were taken to the meat, dairy and cake counters to admire the different displays. As part of our sugar awareness campaign to reduce the amount of sugar in our diets the children became sugar detectives, by researching different food products for sugar content.

Upon leaving, both Year 3 classes were complimented for their high level of interest, engagement and excellent behaviour throughout their visit. 

Published on 12/02/2016