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Year 2 Update

The children have been very excited to start a new history topic about ‘The Great Fire of London’. To begin with, the children thought carefully about what they already knew about the fire before sharing their knowledge with the rest of the class. The children enjoyed watching some clips on ‘Espresso’ about where it began and what happened. Lots of interesting questions were raised and the children were all eager to find out the answers. To link with art, the children also drew their own houses that would have been destroyed in The Great Fire of London. They had to look very closely at the shape, size and what detail they could see. These houses are up in the classroom for everyone to see! To link with our geography topic, the children guessed where London was situated on a map of the United Kingdom. We then used Google Earth to find where it was! The children discussed how far it was away from us! Mr Bennet joined in and discussed with the class about the River Thames flowing through London. All the children now know when the fire was and how long it lasted for! In English, Year 2 have been learning about non-chronological reports and have begun to plan and write their own report about ‘Fire and Fire Safety’. In maths, we have been learning to subtract and add using 100 squares, dealing with amounts of money, writing numbers in figures and words and doubling numbers. Some of us have been doubling numbers up into the 100s and have been enjoying the cheeky challenges we have been completing since being back after Christmas.

Published on 20/01/2016