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What makes us different?

Not all Nurseries are the same.

We do not offer childcare.

We offer your child an immersive learning experience which is imbued with creativity, fun and exploration. We believe that if a child is happy and engaged they will learn without realising it.

What our children experience

Our Nursery benefits from being onsite of the main preparatory school. This means that as well as their core Early Years learning pathway, with phonics, English and maths, the children in our Pre-Reception Owls Class also have specialist teaching in:

  • Science
  • Creative Writing
  • French
  • Music
  • Drama
  • Art
  • PE
  • PSHE & Relationships Education

Our Pre-Reception Accelerator Programme

Our Pre-Reception Accelerator Programme, allows for interaction with existing Reception Year children to promote timetabled subject specific learning in preparation for YR entry and a seamless transition to a more formalised school day.

The learning day

Our day starts at 7.30am – and ends at 6.00pm.

Homemade snacks, lunch and tea are cooked and prepared onsite by the school’s Chef.

Learn more about the Nursery here

Experience us for yourself

We would recommend that if you were considering pre-school for your child or a move from another nursery, to come in meet Lauren Kavanagh our Nursery Manager to get a better understanding of our approach, have a tour of the nursery, meet staff and see us in action.

If you feel you would like to take your interest in the nursery further, we would invite your child for a Taster Day, for them to experience a typical Pre-Reception day, here at Sherborne House.

To learn more, arrange a visit, or have an informal chat please contact our Admissions Registrar, Mrs Estelle Szasz on 023 80 252440 or email