At Sherborne House School, we aim to ensure the unique and natural talents of every child are recognised and encouraged. Learn about the career path taken by Lisa who left the school in 1995.

Year left: 1995

Profession: Retailing

What have you done since leaving school and what achievements are you most proud of?

I studied at university and worked in retail management.

What are you doing now and what do you enjoy most about it?

I'm now a mummy to a beautiful little girl as well as working part-time.

Which Senior School did you attend?

St Anne's Convent School.

In what ways did Sherborne House prepare you for life?

Sherborne house gave me the confidence to strive forward to achieve whatever I dreamed of. It gave me a great start to my education journey.

What is your fondest memory of your time at Sherborne House?

Playing on the school field in the summer and making daisy chains.

How would you sum up your experience at Sherborne House in one word?

Happy times.

Is there anything else that you would like to share with us?

My daughter now attends Sherborne House School. I was really keen for her to experience such a positive start to her education.