At Sherborne House School, we aim to ensure the unique and natural talents of every child are recognised and encouraged. Learn about the career path taken by Lianne who left the school in 1987.

Year left: 1987

Profession: Nanny

What have you done since leaving school and what achievements are you most proud of?

I qualified with a BTEC National Diploma in childcare and have worked with children for the past 20 years. I married my husband in 2010 and had two beautiful girls who are now 10 and 6 years old.

What are you doing now and what do you enjoy most about it?

I work full time as a Nanny looking after 22-month-old twins and their 5-month-old baby sister. I love seeing how their personalities grow and develop and knowing I’m a huge part of who they become.

Which Senior School did you attend?

La Sagesse Covent.

In what ways did Sherborne House prepare you for life?

By having small class sizes with teachers who took a genuine interest in each pupil allowed me to find my confidence and voice (being painfully shy as a child this was a huge help in gaining my ability to converse with adults and people outside of my immediate circle).

What is your fondest memory of your time at Sherborne House?

Warm chocolate mousse!

How would you sum up your experience at Sherborne House in one word?