Early Years - School Day in Pre-Reception

Daily Routine
    8.3Oam - Welcome time and activities.
  • 9.00am -  Calendar/ circle time
  • 9.15am -   Literacy input then literacy based activities. Free flow indoors/outdoors.
  • 10.15am - Snack
  • 10.30am - Maths input then maths based activities. Free flow
  • 11.15am - Nursery rhymes, action songs and counting songs. Musical instruments.
  • 11.40am - Lunch
  • 12.10pm - Story
  • 12.30pm - Playtime
  • 1.00pm -   Clever hands
  • 1.30pm -   Busy Bee time (Plan-Do-Review) In/outdoors
  • 2:30pm -   Snack
  • 2.45pm -   Finish Busy Bee time and review
  • 3.15pm -   Story
  • 3.45pm -   Home time

Tuesday and Thursday: PE sessions

When the children are Pre-Reception age, we encourage them to begin to learn in a more formal style. The curriculum becomes increasingly focused towards reading, writing and early mathematics.
Transition into Reception is made as smooth as possible. The children will already be familiar with the Reception staff as they will have had the opportunity to be involved in a variety of EYFS activities such as listening walks, as well as being invited to visit the classroom and staff prior to joining Reception. We follow a transition programme that is open to children in Pre-Reception as well as inviting children from other settings who will be joining the school.  We recognise the importance of continuing and strengthening the links made with home during your child’s time in Pre-Reception, and provide parents with opportunities to also visit the Reception classroom and meet the staff.
The balanced curriculum offers opportunities for children to explore and investigate through play, whilst an emphasis is also placed on early Literacy and Mathematical skills.